DiabloSport inTune Tuner Chevrolet & Ford V8 Diesel Powerstroke

Diablosport InTune I-1000

Powerful programmability in the palm of your hand. Tune Chrysler, GM, and Ford cars and trucks for increased horsepower, torque, and drivability.

  • Increased Mileage
  • More Performance
  • Diagnostic Code Reader


Add horsepower and torque to your car or truck using DiabloSport’s dyno tested performance tunes! These tunes are pre-loaded in to each inTune unit specifically to increase your power, economy, and drivability (see below) 

The tunes work great whether on a stock vehicle, or even mildly modified (like a cat back exhaust and cold air intake). DiabloSport takes the guess work out of making safe, reliable horsepower on your ride!
inTune always saves a copy of the vehicle’s factory data in its memory in case it needs to be serviced at the dealership at some point in the future. That means you always have a copy of your vehicle data on your tuner and once it’s restored it leaves no footprints or watermarks in the vehicle’s computer.

Gas Tune Options

inTunes’ tunes modify spark and fuel tables, throttle response, and shifting along with other important engine parameters that increase performance and economy and can be customized for the aftermarket

93 Octane "Diablo" Tune

  •  Average 15-40 HP
  •  Maximize HP & TQ
  •  Improves Drivability
  •  Increase Fuel Economy


91 Octane Performance Tune

  •  Average 13-35 HP
  •  Requires 91 Octane Fuel ²
  •  Increase HP & Torque!


87 Octane Performance Tune

  •  Average 12-30 HP
  •  Maximizes Performance
  •  87 Octane Fuel


MPG Booster Tune ³

  •  Average 2-3 MPG
  •  Economy Mode


Factory HP Tune

  •  Calibrate Speedometer
  •  Remove Top-Speed Limiter.
  •  Support Aftermarket Gears
  •  Support Aftermarket Wheels

Diesel Tune Options

Diesel trucks have massive horsepower and torque potential that can be unlocked just by programming the vehicle's Powertrain Control Module (PCM). Your truck may have tunes for any of the following, or more!

Towing Tune

  •  Gain 40-60 HP ⁵
  •  Add up to 100 Ft/Lbs TQ ⁵
  •  Increased MPG Highway
  •  Tow Heavy Loads



  •  Additional 60-100 HP ⁶
  •  Add up to 180-200 Ft/Lbs TQ
  •  Gain 2-3 MPG
  •  Tow 6,000-8,000 Lbs.



  •  Additional 80-100 HP ⁶
  •  Add up to180-200 Ft/Lbs TQ
  •  Gain 2-3 MPG
  •  Tow 6,000-8,000 Lbs.


Extreme Tune

  •  Add 100-185 HP ⁷
  •  Add up to 220+ Ft/Lbs TQ
  •  Peel-Out Down The Strip!


Simple Connectivity

Why struggle with confusing downloads, update instructions, and PC connection software to update your programmer? If you've got a PC with internet connection, you've already got everything you need! inTune does the rest of the leg work- it automatically logs on to DiabloSport's servers and finds the latest software available, then downloads it to your intune seamlessly. Simply plug the inTune in to your windows based PC and in moments you will see the inTune automatically begin it's update process! DiabloSport always recommends that you update your inTune with the latest firmware before you begin programming your vehicle.

PC Connection

The inTune functions on PC computers as a "Mass Storage" device, similar to a USB thumb drive, or an SD card. This functionality means that adding custom tunes to the device, saving copies of your tune files from the device, or emailing your latest data log to your CMR Tuner is a breeze!

  •   Drag and Drop your Tunes
  •   Drag and Drop Data Logs
  •   Automatic Downloads on PC
  •   No Additional Software
  •   Register Your Product
  •   Windows XP and Later

Macintosh Compatible Updates

Using the "Mass Storage" protocol, inTune can be updated manually through drag and drop functions on Mac OSX Computers. To update on a mac, simply plug the inTune in to USB, download the update files available on the "downloads" tab of our website, drag them to the "inTune Drive" and voila! ⁴

  •   Macintosh OSX
  •   Drag & Drop Updates
  •   Mounts as Drive in Finder
  •   No Additional Setup



Every trouble code (aka check engine lights) that your vehicle ever puts out can be checked via the OBD-II port. In fact, if you have ever wondered what the dealership or service technician does when you bring your car to them, the mystery is solved! They're using an OBD-II Scanner (just like the inTune) to communicate with your vehicle's computer via the Diagnostic Port! With the DiabloSport inTune you'll be able to save time and money by checking your vehicle's own Diagnostics, and clearing the codes out! Not only will we provide you with the specific OBD-II Trouble code designation, but you'll also get a full text description of the code that you can use to help diagnose your vehicle

More about DTCs

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs for short) were mandated by the federal government in 1996 with the introduction of the OBD-II Diagnostic Protocol. These Codes, as specified by the Society for Automotive Engineers, detail many different and relevant issues that may arrise during a vehicle's normal lifespan, including normal every day driving habits and over all vehicle age.

DTC Function Benefits

  •   Save Money on Diagnostics
  •   Save Maintenance Time
  •   Diagnose Your Own Issues
  •   Clear Your Own Codes

DTC Data Read Out

  •   Codes Display in OEM Numbers
  •   Include Additional Description
  •   Listed in Plain English
  •   Multiple Codes Displayed


For today’s fuel injected vehicles data monitoring is an essential part of the tuning process. In the old days, mechanics and technicians hooked up sensors to vehicles to find out what was going on under the hood, but today computers do all of this seamlessly. ‘96 and newer Ford, GM, and Chrysler made vehicles use a special protocol system called OBD‐II to send information to diagnostic equipment and monitor vehicle data. OBD‐II is the modern way technicians find out if it is time for an oil change, if you need a new rear O2 sensor, or if your vehicle is having issues with spark knock/ detonation. Your vehicle’s computer monitors many parameters each second to make sure that the engine is running at the most efficient performance level. The ECU uses this information to alter things like fuel, spark advance, or boost to keep a vehicle running smoothly.
Automotive tuning shops and inTune owners can use this information while tuning on the dyno or the street to make the highest possible horsepower, best fuel economy, and better drivability when towing. Parameter data is used to calibrate aggressive tunes and allows users to make sure the vehicle is running safely. More precise monitoring solutions yield a more precise tune.

Not only can the inTune record up to 30 minutes of this high speed data, but it can also be used as a "pass through" device to log this data on your PC using DiabloSport free Data Viewer Software! The Data Viewer software allows access to additional PIDs, longer log time, and more advanced functions such as virtual gauges and more!

Data Logging Features

inTune can log data to it's internal memory which can be transfered via USB to your PC so it can be emailed to a tuner shop, or viewed on our Data Viewer Software! Additionally, the inTune can record two additional 5 Volt Analog inputs- perfect for watching and recording external sensors such as wide band O2, EGT, and much more. 

Logging Capabilities

  •  Logs 30 Minutes of Data
  •  5 Volt Sensor Inputs
  •  OBD-II Data Streaming to PC
  •  Pre-set PID Lists

Integrated PC Logging Software

The DiabloSport Data Viewer Software is a free download for windows based PCs on win XP and later! Data Viewer allows un-parralleled options for logging OBD-II Data from an ECU, streamed directly from the inTune! Click Here to download the DiabloSport Data Viewer Software now!

Key Data Viewer Features

  •  Log More Parameters
  •  Direct Streaming to PC
  •  Integrated Gauges
  •  Advanced PID Selections
  •  More Logging Time


"Custom Tuning" is a term used to describe tunes that are built specifically for a given vehicle. Generally, these vehicles have additional modifications on them- more than just a tuner. Many aftermarket modifications available today actually require custom tuning to function at all. Some examples might be a Challenger SRT8 with aftermarket heads and Cam, a Mustang with an aftermarket cold air intake, or even a gen 5 Camaro with a supercharger! When you've started doing more performance modifications to your vehicle, it may be time for custom tuning!

What Is Custom Tuning?

Custom tuning is exactly that a tune created specifically for your vehicle and its' "custom" modifications.  If you want to take your vehicle to  the next level a custom tune is for you, you do not have to have heavy modifications to benefit from a custom tune, even a stock vehicle can see improvements as each and every vehicle performs differently.  So If you are ready and able to take your vehicle to the next level a custom tune from one of DiabloSport's CMR dealers is for you!  

Unlock the Full Potential of your Vehicle

Bolt-On vehicle modifications are perfect for gaining horsepower and tq, but what happens when you've added a bunch of new mods to your car and you notice that you're just not getting the performance you expected? It's probably time for a custom tune! Custom tunes are designed to take your aftermarket mods into consideration- many mods, like superchargers, turbos, heads & cam require a tune in order for the vehicle to run!

DiabloSport CMR Tuning:

  •   Load 5+ Custom Tunes
  •   Get Custom Tunes via Email
  •   Get Custom Dyno Tunes
  •   Optimize your A/F ratio
  •   Optimize Drivability
  •   Calibrate Vehicle Mods
DiabloSport inTune Tuner Chevrolet & Ford V8 Diesel Powerstroke
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